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Mark Rolston

Mark Rolston is a renowned designer with a 25-year career of creating for the world’s largest and most innovative companies.


Prior to founding argodesign with his longtime colleague, Mark was the Chief Creative Officer of frogdesign, responsible for the creative direction of one of the most successful product design firms in the world. He joined frog in 1994 and co-founded the software design group, quickly establishing it as the largest part of frog's business and major force in its growth. Since then, he has continued to produce groundbreaking work for Fortune 500 clients, and guided the transformation of frog into a modern strategic design organization and one of the largest and most respected design organizations in the world.


Mark was an early pioneer of software user experience, working with clients to leverage emerging technologies and setting the

tone for user interface design and mobile platforms. His client

roster has featured the world’s largest brands, including

Disney, Ford, GE, HP, Microsoft and AT&T.


A veteran design leader, innovator and patent holder,

he is an internationally recognized expert on software,
experience design, emerging computing platforms,
and mobile applications.


Mark lives and breathes design, craftsmanship, and

building useful and enjoyable experiences of all types.

founder and chief creative


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Presentations (PDF downloads)

Open Mobile Keynote

November 13’

New Patterns in Computing

Outsell Keynote

October 13’

The third wave. New patterns in computing

Milan, May 13’

The shapelessness

of things to come

Shanghai Keynote

May 13’

Big Data- Small Life

M-Commerce Keynote

September 11’

Computing and Modern Life

PICNIC Keynote

September 11’

Building the Meta-City


May 11’

A vision of computing

TEDx Presentation February 10’

The Computing Experience

Forbes December 09’

The Future of Computing

Ecomm Keynote November 09’

Beyond the Handset

MoDev Keynote September 12’

The shapelessness

of things to come

Open Mobile Keynote November 10’

Our New


DMI Keynote

June 09’

Embrace The

Coarse Process

MIT Media Lab

August 12’

Creativity, Design, and the evolving

story of computing

Private Executive Presentation for GE

September 10’

The Future of Computing

June 08’

A model for Personalization

Ecomm March 10’

Strange Days. The computing experience turns inside out.

Ecomm March 08’

The new singularity

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