Digital Opportunity Trust

Global identify for local impact

Giving voice to a global brand through local expression

Digital Opportunity Trust delivers technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership training programs to young people around the world. As an anywhere-and-everywhere resource for global social innovators, they need an identity that welcomes all.

Cohesive yet customizable identity

This presented a unique challenge: to create a global brand presence, yet make it accessible to the local groups on the ground who are exercising the brand day-to-day. So we set out to create a cohesive identity that could be customized for comfort on a regional level that allows for the expression of individual chapters.

Stakeholder collaboration

We created a composite identity to which all local chapters contributed. We worked with seven DOT chapters in Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda to find local patterns and colors reminiscent of their communities.

The identity can be modified such that each country presence gets its own variation of the logo. The brand ultimately projects a uniform identity but also gives voice to each local brand essence.

Holistic expression of brand

argo had worked with DOT for more than a year to help them build a comprehensive physical-digital platform for social entrepreneurs worldwide. Our concept work helped DOT understand the organization it was hoping to become, and our on-the-ground experiences crystallized the unique character expressed in local chapters around the globe. All of which was deeply connected to our role in DOT’s brand, because an organization’s identity directly affects how its products and services are understood and used around the world.

You helped us see who we didn't know we were. Roy Lamond, VP, Program Development