Wrap is an entirely new platform of web communication that composes a beautiful world of storytelling, relationship building, and commerce. It’s a fast, elegant, and engaging new way for brands to connect with consumers through a deep range of app-like experiences.

Welcome to the Narrative Web.

Wrap is an entirely new platform of web communication that composes a beautiful world of storytelling, relationship building, and commerce. It’s a fast, elegant, and engaging new way for brands to connect with consumers through a deep range of app-like experiences.

A single touch takes users into a beautiful flipbook-like experience, without cumbersome downloads or custom app installs. Wraps can be embedded or sent as web links; they are authored once, fully portable, and run anywhere one can access the web.


Bringing narrative flow to card-based design

argo and Wrap call this form of mobile-first digital expression the “Narrative Web.” The new platform brings card-based design into a narrative flow, in which the storyteller maintains control over the narrative by presenting information in a designated sequence.

To guide the reader through the narrative, we developed a patented X-Cross navigation model that lets the reader swipe only left or right, up or down, and hit a “cul-de- sac” to signal an interactive moment, then prompt the reader to continue seamlessly through the story. Adhering to the simplicity of interaction ensures the consumer experiences the story as the author intended, and is never overwhelmed with information or confused about what to do or where to go next.


App-like experience

Wraps integrate a broad range of content types and embedded widgets that bring the call to action into the stream of the narrative, creating dynamic interactions with the brand.

Authoring starts with the basic building blocks of image and text galleries, beautifully rendered. But the most captivating experiences come with sophisticated interactions embedded at meaningful moments in the narrative. The storyteller can, for example, share a location on an interactive map, collect enrollment information through an online form, or book a customer appointment on a realtime calendar. Other functionality includes e-commerce and in-app chat, powerful tools of engagement with the user.

The result is an app-like experience in a mobile, portable, shareable package.

Accessible authoring of mobile experiences

The intuitive design of Wrap authoring makes mobile-first communication accessible to anyone with a brand message to share.

Creating mobile content no longer requires a full-service agency for app design or ad-response mechanisms; Wrap allows the storyteller to create mobile-first narrative content on the fly, deploying stories dynamically and individually.

Design templates guide the author through a simple gather-and- configure process to compose a story that is concise and beautifully rendered. True WYSIWYG nature in the authoring environment, as well as in the composed Wrap, ensures the mobile experience reliably translates the author’s intention every time.

It’s even possible to fully automate the creation of Wraps using schema-based standards to artfully pull existing web content into beautiful Wrap compositions. This efffectively means programming Wraps to create themselves. Ultimately, the author can point to an existing web page, and the authoring tool will automatically create a Wrap – an affordance that renders authoring virtually effortless.

Collecting and sharing Wraps

Looking forward, we can see how a collection of Wraps will come to represent many facets of a user’s browsing experience. So we created Wrap Library to serve as the collection point. Library lets the user create topical collections for reference, or share individual Wraps or collections of Wraps with friends.

Similarly, a brand may use Library to showcase a collection of Wraps to consumers, in a contextual presentation that conveys the brand story with sophisticated texture.

Innovative business model leads to innovative solutions

argo is an equity investor in Wrap, as well as the company’s strategic design partner. Wrap enlisted argo from the company’s inception to define and develop the initial concept, create the platform’s user experience and visual design, and provide strategic direction.

In the first year of our partnership, we worked together to develop the platform, design beautiful gallery templates, and create the intuitive authoring tool. Since our successful launch, more and more top brands – including Victoria’s Secret, Neiman Marcus, and Salesforce – are using Wraps to share their stories with the world.

Now, we continue with the further evolution and development of the platform, exploring the dynamic range of potential for personalization and customization of wraps for the ultimate conveyance of a rich brand story.

Wrap has seen growth since day one. argo has been incredibly valuable over the course of this growth, initially helping me develop the concept, and then ultimately working alongside my growing team to design the product. Most importantly, our relationship has meant consistent access to world-class design talent. As a startup, that’s not always within reach.

I think the relationship between Wrap and argo was one of the keys to our success. The wrap concept itself is amazing. But it requires really quality design to bring it to life. It’s a design-led experience. Working together we were able to stand up a beautiful vision for the product in very little time.