Strong brands use the vibe of the everyday to create identities with great sociability and distinction.

The new era of branding aligns cultural affinities and aspirations with business values and goals. Pretty logos, snazzy taglines and color-rich interfaces don’t cut it anymore — but they were never the focus of branding for argo. We’ve always been aiming for the gut feeling the logos evoked: an identity.

At argo, we develop deep empathy with customers to fuse together culture and business to create brands with pragmatic purpose and sensible emotion. Understanding their feelings, behaviors and values is what we call the “vibe of the everyday,” and what drives our brands to grow great sociability and distinction. Our work encompasses brand strategy, foundation, expression, design, and activation.

Start by finding your North Star

Brands don’t take breaks, so starting early to discover and preserve a brand’s North Star is a high business priority. Brands need depth, and brand promises of bigger, better, and faster are outperformed by brands that share rich beliefs or goals with their customers.

Our approach to building dynamic, belief-based brands

Craft a constitution. Make and defend an eternal promise that your customers will trust you to uphold

Ask life-sized questions. Incite the core customer to fight for what the brand represents and believes in

Perform moral triage. Lean into dilemmas and tensions in culture that help people grasp and make sense of their world

Make good enemies. Pick something to change or upend forever, and let them know you’re coming

Speak without words. Form a remarkable and immediately recognizable visual system that reflects the brand’s stance

With this approach, brands find new footholds to participate in the world because they’ve embraced the dynamic qualities needed to stretch across life. They’ll feel like friends, not foes, countering the technological freeze of many modern products and services.

Build a robust
cultural connection
to form a lasting foundation

Technology has long surpassed being a magic trick and become an extension of mind and body. This intimate connection necessitates that today’s technology brands must construct an acute sensitivity to the types of relationships it forms with people. argo’s brand designers chip away at the technology’s essence to pinpoint its brand soul, then weave it into the secrets of the zeitgeist. In this way, we connect to the heart of people and the technology, and extend the brands’ meaning throughout all it does and says.

Show your feathers and stand
out with substance

For technology brands to break through category clutter sharply, the key is to speak with an original voice that bursts with expression and color. Finding the original voice starts by unraveling the purpose and identity of the technology. Then we carefully choose the words, shapes, colors and interactions that harmonize the technology’s function with the brand’s personality. We ensure the emotional handshake between product and person is organic and simple, because it gives people an exciting way into the technology.

Stay true to your colors and maintain consistency across all touchpoints

The sum of a technology brand is in the pixels, colors, words and shapes, even if they’re rarely seen. It’s these details where the crux of argo’s thinking is buried deep, where we are battling to ensure the design is seen through as intended. We are the protectors of the gamut of moments where the brand needs to shine. Garnering a consistent and recognizable brand in all its touchpoints is argo’s endsight, inspiring us to develop brand guidelines that live and breathe to flex within the world.


The Wrap identity began with specific traits in mind. The mark needed to convey movement, as an expression of the platform’s narrative character. And a friendly, approachable tone was imperative to the aesthetic of this modern brand. At the same time, the form carries a literal reference. The bird in flight, carrying a gift, is emblematic of what the Wrap product does in practice: conveying content in tightly wrapped narrative packages.


For FlightCar, a fresh identity is expressed through a new experience. The brand identity is not a sequestered consideration; instead, the brand identity is the graphic manifestation of the desired experience. By driving the tenets of the new identity through every element of the experience, we were able to create a cohesive and immersive brand expression that conveys the vibrant and thoroughly modern company, and captures the sense of community and trust customers find in the FlightCar experience.


The brand needed an identity to open up the possibilities of broader communication features. Tenor, the new name, suggests the nuance of expression through voice and tone. The scribble logo form represents the moment an idea crystallizes in your mind. It’s gestural, expressive, looping -- as abstract as the idea it represents.

Digital Opportunity Trust

DOT’s identity communicates its global involvement with young social innovators. Its lowercase, symmetrical form fits DOT’s place in the dynamic digital landscape. The letterforms nod to the artistic traditions of both hemispheres. The logo supports country-based variations with a palette of colorful, cultural patterns. It is strong and daring with the ability to be transformed by those whom the organization directly impacts.

Good technology branding starts with an insight-driven strategy forged from the delicate intersections between man and machine. As with any branding challenge, no program is ever the same, and so we work to be flexible in order to uncover, design, and project the identities of our clients. We move through these parts — of understanding and creating rules, of engaging in culture and context, of diversifying in a saturated market, and of remaining consistent across all moments of interaction — to ensure the brand feels both deep and comprehensive.

Finding the sweet spot — the identity that makes the most sense, and the essence that makes a brand truly distinct — is both an art and a craft.