Dreamworks: Lighthouse

Track and monitor 500 million files

Managing the 500 million files involved in an animated film’s production is a complex, time-consuming task. In a global production pipeline, the transfer of those assets can, at times, be an arduous process.

To meet this challenge, argo designed Lighthouse, a data and asset monitoring platform that gives artists insight into the transfer of their requested assets. Lighthouse gives users the ability to monitor their transfers and provides insight into any issues that arose during the transfer. Lighthouse can also prioritize transfers based on artist needs and assets requested.

Monitor transfer status

From a single view, an individual can confirm if an asset transfer was successful.

Easily identify transfer errors

Provides data on any transfer issues, so creatives know precisely what the problem is and how to rectify it.

Track and manage assets

Lighthouse helps you find assets through contextual search with a robust filtering system.