Reimagined car sharing

Experience design creates a seamlessly unified interaction for car-sharing customers

Effortless sharing

FlightCar brings people together to share and rent each other’s cars during trips. Compared to the existing inefficient and disconnected system, FlightCar has created a service that helps everyone benefit -- a logical choice for both local owners and visitors who are sharing and renting each other’s unique cars, with FlightCar as the trusted facilitator.

Working with FlightCar presented an exciting opportunity for argo to refine an entire experience across both a digital and physical platforms to create something truly delightful.

FlightCar enlisted argo to revamp their product into a more welcoming, efficient, and reliable experience. With 1.3 million car listing days reached, the company had grown confident with who it was and who it wanted to be. The service appealed to customers who were listing and renting cars but they wanted to reimagine the entire user experience in order to grow. This growth hinged upon fostering a strong sense of community and trust in the growing customer base.

By driving the tenets of the new identity through every element of the experience, we create a cohesive and immersive brand expression.

Carefully curated experience

As digital modes have overtaken how people do business in the world, the change has had a profound effect on the businesses we’ve traditionally had physical interactions with. Travel is a particularly affected vertical. Reliability, confidence, and familiarity are critical qualities we must now communicate through carefully considered digital interactions.

By designing a carefully curated experience for both owners and visitors around the unique cars they share, we amplified the sense of community and confidence the FlightCar experience conveyed.

Heavy use of photography in the web design emphasizes the personality of the experience -- photos of people engaged with FlightCar services, and average cars in average situations, evoke an authentic user experience. Aligning these visual messages with the company’s vision establishes expectations for the service, which builds confidence in the FlightCar brand. Use of bright, bold colors throughout the platform conveys the company’s fresh character.

Brand identity lives through product experience

FlightCar customers follow a highly engineered flow of interactions to list a car for sharing, or book a car to rent, and pick up a car when they arrive for their visit. Very few businesses can look at their customer experience in such a prescribed way.

Rigorous design of every element within the customer journey is a comprehensive practice. We map the journey, apply thoughtful and intuitive design to key touchpoints, and bring all the elements together into one cohesive experience design. Everything is designed intentionally and with visually consistent cues to make this journey a strategic driver for how people feel about the service. Every improvement in the journey maps to improvements in the convenience, reliability, and ease of the customer’s overall experience.

For FlightCar, a new identity is expressed through a new experience. The brand identity is not a sequestered consideration; instead, the brand identity is the graphic manifestation of the desired experience. It serves as a central icon to the experience, yet the brand’s identity is not driven solely by the legacy art form of creating a logo. By driving the tenets of the new identity through every element of the experience, we were able to create a cohesive and immersive brand expression that reinforces the core brand values: reliable, trustworthy, inviting, intuitive, original, efficient.

We use the customer journey as the main driver of how people feel about the service.

Seamless experience for a sharing community

With the newly designed application and refined service strategy, every moment, both physical and digital, is tied together into one smooth and elegant experience. From reservation to drop off, the whole process flows seamlessly as one unified interaction with the customer.

The new brand expression conveys a vibrant and thoroughly modern company, and captures the sense of community and confidence customers should expect in the FlightCar experience. The FlightCar model is an interesting and unique concept, so we only had to find the right brand language to bring that to life. Together argo and FlightCar put a lot of love and attention into everything — the new logo, website, application, signage, and uniforms the customer will encounter — forming a cohesive and immersive brand expression that reinforces the FlightCar experience.

argo was comprehensive and thoughtful as they worked alongside us to think through the entire customer journey at every touchpoint-from the online and offline product to our apps, our web site, our brand identity, and our 12 stations around the country. This effort will truly help us create a more reliable, enjoyable, and professional service for the FlightCar community at every stage of their journey. Rujul Zaparde, Founder & CEO of FlightCar