The Lab

Workbench for spatial computing

The Lab is a workbench for building Magic Leap applications. It’s an expandable platform that grows with the Magic Leap ecosystem and the needs of its developers.

A new paradigm in computing needs a unique toolset

From 3D artists to LuminOS developers, creating spatial computing experiences requires a variety of development pipelines that depend on the application, the platform, and the individuals on the team. As a strategic design partner, argo worked with Magic Leap to create a unified hub for the development environment transforming a collection of tools into a single scalable toolbox.

The project brought together product strategy, research, and a deep understanding of the platforms, technologies, and workflows to architect The Lab. The design teams worked alongside Magic Leap developers to rapidly iterate and collaborate throughout the development process and to the product release.

In January 2020, The Lab was recognized with a DEVIES award by Developer Week for best innovation in VR/AR/MR 3D.

In innovative spaces a lack of convention calls for a deep understanding of technology and systems thinking. An ability to bring products like this to market comes from a natural sense of bridging between design, brand, and technology.

A communication channel built right into the tool

The Lab is a place developers start their day and visit often as they set up different environments. A key feature of The Lab is a communication channel embedded in the tool updating developers with key announcements and updates. Spatial computing is an emerging and innovative space. Incorporating fast and direct communication into the design met the needs of the developer community creating this entirely new pattern of computing.

Launch Activities

The Lab reduces workflow friction and improves efficiency by bringing every day and frequently needed actions to the forefront.


Developers can quickly switch between activities, supporting complex development pipelines.

Quickly Connect

An ever-present status bar allows quick troubleshooting and access to device connection tools.

Control Devices

The Device Bridge enables direct access and management of connected devices.

argo continues its strategic partnership with Magic Leap

The Lab is a part of argo’s broader and ongoing engagement as a strategic design partner with Magic Leap, an opportunity to envision the future of spatial computing; a rare chance to remake our relationship with the world.