Breathing beautiful design into home automation

Start to finish support across design, build, and manufacturing of the Momentum smart home security system.

A reductionist approach makes for beautiful product design

Momentum products are built to protect your home from anywhere, and developing genuine consumer trust in them is key to adoption. All design decisions were rooted in creating overall friendliness and approachability to make each product more of a companion than a gadget.

We deliberately pursued simple, dynamic interfaces and delightful aesthetics to conceal technological complexity while maintaining a focus on beautiful product experiences.

Building component parts to support a system

Battery-powered IoT doorbell

1080P camera

Battery-powered IoT camera

Partnering from concept to shelf

The partnership between argo and Momentum spans all phases of product development, from conceptualization to manufacturing.

All three products were created against significant technical boundaries and platform constraints. We navigated them effectively and came up with elegant solutions, creating something beautiful.

Momentum is a price leader, and our team was able to meet limitations therein while still maintaining elements of an upmarket design language.