Imagine a future in which your home’s security system, utilities, thermostat, appliances, communications, and entertainment systems are accessible from one place, on any device you choose, and from anywhere you happen to be.

As intuitive as the watch that sits on your wrist


To help PEQ realize its vision of a smart home controlled from anywhere, we redesigned the interface to be so intuitive it could even be accessed from the wrist.

An all-day, every-day part of life

We designed a smart home experience that would fit seamlessly into people’s lives and enhance their relationship with their homes. We know that for the average homeowner to invest in smart home technology, it must be simple and enjoyable to use. So we created features like the House Rules, to let you program your smart home to carry out automated tasks — unlock doors for guests or loved ones, take video clips to make sure they've arrived, or turn off all lights at a set time each day.