Capturing the essence of two real-time communication giants under a singular market-capturing brand

The tone for a new era of real-time communication

When two of the world’s largest real-time communication companies merged, the new firm needed a brand identity worthy of their market leadership position. With a looming IPO, we helped the new partners coalesce the organization’s brand voice, name, and visual identity to reflect the essence of their robust physical and digital secure connectivity solutions. Our thrust effectively managed the duality of the business needs and brand aspirations to design a lasting identity.

Legion FRKTL We Always
Skyback Panosphere Toronova And Beyond
Helioscope Beam 24 Ribbon Leotide Here On
Lantaris Dear Future Jetstream Ridge
Ridge Roar Qoqoro Avenue
Origin Verse Stepstone Sibli
Motto Turngood Palisade
Rise Cardinal

Courage and balance in a name

The new company was poised to set the pace as the industry’s leader and innovator, promising undeniable quality and absolute integrity. And their customers trusted them to connect the world securely. This market position called for a brand personality reflective of bravery, discipline, and passion.

Through multiple naming reviews, we explored how these brand qualities resonated differently, and studied how various names looked, sounded, and felt. The name “Ribbon” became the clear leading candidate that could straddle innovation, connectivity, safety, and seamlessness.

Metaphorical expression


Ribbon conjures up connectedness, sincerity, purpose and modernity.

Ribbon positions technology products as interweaving forces that safely and elegantly braid together the global criss-crossings of life.

Ribbons form flexible channels that are both independent and intertwined.

Ribbon is both strong and malleable, secure in its image but open-ended in its interpretation.

Ribbon balances masculine and feminine, owning the ability to connect all endpoints seamlessly.

A kinetic and reassuring logomark

The mark reveals a kinetic set of ribbons to reflect the dynamism and fluidity of Ribbon’s technology. The woven, almost chain-linked nature of the bands signifies security while demonstrating flexibility. A magenta color palette stands out amongst the competition, works well with the existing sub-brands, and suggests a youthful, energetic vibe. The gradient transition insinuates a magical movement and motion of information from point A to point B and back again.

Crafted for longevity

We designed Ribbon’s identity system to communicate progressive movement, energy, and fluidity. The logotype forms a wrapping motion with its letters to signal security, connectivity and momentum. Its forward-leaning stance shows Ribbon is ready to upend old ways and establish new pathways. The bright color palette and use of the gradient are immediately noticeable amid the competition. The lock-ups of the company name with the logomark and logotype communicate a firm sense of confidence and superiority. Overall, the design system expresses depth of identity through every detail, affirming Ribbon as both reliable and the future.

A bright path forward

argodesign’s work helped a newly merged company discover its true brand positioning, voice, logo, palette, and typographical system. The project culminated in naming the stock ticker, RBBN, for its October, 2017, NASDAQ debut. The entire branded system, from name to visual identity, projects movement and fluidity, but also a sense of precision, purpose, and confidence. The success of Ribbon’s brand identity is in its market-defying sound and appearance, but most importantly, in its ability to be meaningful across three planes: the product, the customers, and the industry itself.

argo understands the subtleties of branding in a world where critical details remain ignored. They built us a lasting brand that we deserved to be, and it breaks through the category clutter.

Patrick Joggerst, EVP & CMO, Ribbon Communications