Salesforce Personalization Strategy

A tailored experience for each and every visit

A nuanced strategy utilizing deep customer knowledge to deliver the right content at the right time.

A new era of brand engagement

Turning traditional brand marketing on its head, argo crafted a strategy to transform into a dynamic editorial and social platform capable of extending the brand’s thought leadership into bold new categories by demonstrating the power of its products at every touchpoint.

Leveraging Salesforce’s own robust tools and rich customer data, the platform offers its audience an entirely unique experience on every visit—based on their context, traits, and behaviors, and powered by intelligent algorithms and a flexible publishing engine that creates individually-wrapped stories for each customer, at scale.

In essence, each user, no matter their role, can expect highly relevant, guidant, and timely content, service, and support throughout their customer journey.

A personal plan for every user

Salesforce’s comprehensive suite of products and services for customer engagement has made the company an icon and industry stalwart. The complexity can also make it more difficult for individuals to find the information they need within the platform. From buyers choosing a product mix to administrators onboarding their organizations, the abundance of content can be overwhelming and impossible to navigate without guidance.

To progress toward true one-to-one personalization for its users, Salesforce tasked argodesign with building a proof-of-concept vision—completely bespoke, evergreen, and culturally relevant across industries, roles, and regions.

argo’s strategy for employs a variety of personalized pages and components accompanied by a comprehensive playbook and asset library to inspire, educate, and guide product teams and content owners in designing personalized experiences from start to finish.

Planting a garden

argo examined best-in-class examples of innovative, personalized brand and product experiences users love. From this audit, we cataloged a rich library of meta-patterns, families, and individual components arranged by context, intent, and outcome.

Leveraging this library, we delivered a purpose-built kit of parts — elements and inputs that could be combined and deployed to tackle specific business and user goals, from discovery to decision-making.

Designing the habitat

argo developed a dynamic digital framework that was able to flex and adapt to meet both user and business needs individually, on any page, at any moment.

With personalization at the core, our systemic approach keys in on salient contextual cues to drive page layouts, content, and flows that feel truly unique for each user.

In addition, argo designed a new way of analyzing customer data and content strategy to deliver the right message at the right time to promote decision-making, mastery, and journey development at the user, role, org, and industry-level.

Leading by example

To exemplify this strategy, argo provided example implementations and conceptual designs across the Salesforce ecosystem, demonstrating how personalization can flex to drive user needs in learning, support, thought leadership, community engagement, and product discovery.

Each example is deconstructed to visualize how decisions, data, and components come together to form unique personal interactions.

Personalization at every altitude

Personalization can be quite complex, and requires a systematic way to understand and implement experiences successfully at both a strategic, conceptual level as well as the mechanical, component level. Our solution was comprehensive and guidant: a top-to-bottom personalization playbook to synchronize the organization at every juncture — from product owners to interaction designers, today and tomorrow.

Our challenge for argo was huge: coalesce a massively cross-functional software system into an experience that is a single source of truth for every Salesforce employee and customer. argo provided comprehensive strategy and beautiful concepts to achieve our goals, and also delivered all the necessary design components, along with a thorough playbook to carry us far into the future.
Eric Stahl
SVP Digital Experience, Salesforce