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In it for the journey

We have set out to reinvent the modern product design story. After 20 years building and leading one of the greatest success stories in design, Mark Rolston and a team of the industry's best thinkers are beginning a new chapter - one inspired by the possibilities of the future, exposing the promise of new technology and the opportunity to create great products and experiences.

Mark Rolston was the architect of the modern frog design, first founding the firm’s software capability in 1994 and then scaling frog into one of the largest creative teams in the industry. Mark attracted and hired the best talent in the industry, and harnessed that amazing talent into groundbreaking work for clients and their customers.

Mark has partnered with Mark Gauger, who created frog's business development capability and along with Rolston drove the evolution of frog into the business it is today. Gauger introduced technology consulting into the business and lead frog into the development of proprietary products through frogs application business.

Together, we introduce the team of argodesign, a new kind of product firm. One that responds to the changing

design landscape with new ideas – not only in the work itself, but in how we engage our customers.

Argo will be a fresh departure for customers. We intend to do things differently: to build deeper relationships with our clients, to focus on their business, not on ours, to bring our own ideas to the table, to share in the inherent risks of innovation – and in the potential rewards.

We want to work with clients who have interesting new design challenges, who seek a smart, experienced, and hardworking team to meet those challenges with innovative solutions. If that sounds like you, then please call us.

As our namesake suggests, we have set out on an adventure. It's going to be amazing.

Our story

Our team has the capabilities you will need.

• Design Research
• Concept Generation
• Product Strategy
• Prototype development
• Client-side development
• Engineering consulting

More than just talent, we are big thinkers

We are designers who make possible the experiences & products people want to include in their lives.

The most interesting new products are valued as experiences by people rather than mere things to be used or consumed. To create individual experiences we have to envision systems and within those systems, new experiences. Our expertise in solving for this kind of complexity comes through our long industry

experience and our process of thinking by making -  that offers the best of both aspiration and pragmatism.

We don't have to be the experts in all things.  What we do have above all is the humility & passion to move a strategy, an experience, or a product forward in its journey toward landing in the hand, home or office of someone who will treasure its being there.

We think by making

The tests we faced in the board rooms and in the market have given us the kind of experience that leads to effectiveness, yet through daily ritual we kept our imagination sharp.  Talent is no substitute for caring enough to put the work in and passion is best expressed as a manifestation.  To work like this you must love the chore and dream of the destination.

What we do

Technology exposes hope for the future and the opportunity to create business and social value from innovation.


Our quest is to create products that hide their technological prowess and demonstrate delight, simplicity, and value.

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